By combining our in-depth knowledge of color and plastic technologies with imagination, ESP™ extrudes custom colored thermoplastic sheet to precisely match end-use requirements.


ESP™ offers:

  • In-house color labs to support custom color requirements
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Unique sheet color effects, such as Glow-In-The-Dark, Edge Glow, and Thermochromatic sheet
  • Ability to mix other performance enhancements

In-House Color Labs:

RTP Company has eight full service color labs, which ESP™ has full access to. The labs offer a large color palette, along with custom color options. Our combined engineering expertise, along with our state-of-the-art color labs (which provide advanced development under multiple light sources), allows us to deliver consistent color every time, anywhere around the world, with quick turnaround times.

Color Effects:

  • Glow-In-The-Dark effects:
    Phosphorescent pigments that absorb energy and re-emit it as light. A wide variety of daylight and after-glow color combinations are possible, including Type 1 compounds which charge quickly and offer brighter and longer after-glow properties, and Type 2 compounds which are more traditional in their properties and are often more economical.
  • Edge Glow effects:
    Edge Glow colorants absorb UV light and re-emit the energy in the form of longer wavelengths. The light reflects off the internal surfaces to create an edge glowing effect.
  • Thermochromatic effects:
    The hue of these compounds changes with the temperature. Formulations can be keyed to specific temperature ranges (hot or cold). This effect is limited to low modulus resins.
  • Other effects:
    Metallic, Pearlescent, Pearl Marble, Sparkle Mist, Iridescent, Fluorescent, Transparent, Laser-Markable, Light Reflective, Light Diffusion, Infrared, Fragrance/Flavors, Laser Welding, Security, Photochromatic, Chroma-Shift, Wood Grain, Misty Pearl, Stone/Granite/Marble, Tortoise Shell, Camouflage, Low Gloss.