Conductive & Anti-static

ESP™ Conductive sheet solutions are tailored to space the surface resistivity spectrum from 101 to 1012 ohms/square. We can custom engineer sheet to provide the required conductivity for your application, whether it be Anti-static, Static Dissipative, Conductive, or EMI/RFI shielding performance.


ESP™ offers:

  • Wide range of Anti-static, Static Dissipative, Conductive, and EMI/RFI shielding sheet options
  • Solution-based approach to preventing, controlling, or decaying of static charge
  • Ability to mix other performance enhancements

Sheet Options

surface-resistivityOur conductive sheet is tailored to span the surface resistivity spectrum from 101 to 1012 ohms/square. Multiple technologies are available to impact conductive properties:

  • All-polymeric sheet provides Anti-static or static dissipative protection
  • Carbon filled sheet can provide static dissipation or conductive properties
  • Metal filled sheet can provide EMI/RFI protection

Impact-able compounds include those with all-polymeric additives like Inherently Dissipative Polymer (IDP) alloyed with various host resins. Still, other compounds may contain conductive particulate and/or fibers that are compounded to form a conductive matrix throughout the base polymer.

Preventing, Controlling, Decaying Static Charge

Anti-static Sheet (1010 to 1012 ohms/square): Provides a relatively slow decay of static charge – from just hundredths to several seconds – thus preventing accumulations that may discharge or initiate other nearby electrical events. With our all-polymeric sheet, these decay properties are inherent to the material and are not humidity-dependent or limited by the fragility of Anti-static coatings. For more information, see our PermaStat™ innovation bulletin!

Static Dissipative Sheet (106 to 1012 ohms/square): Allow for dissipation or decay of static charges at a faster rate than Anti-static materials – generally within milliseconds. Materials that offer the “optimal” ESD protection (106 to 109) are at the stronger end of the static dissipative range.

Conductive Sheet (101 to 106 ohms/square): Decay/dissipation rates measured in nanoseconds provide a ground pathway and bleed off strong static charges.

EMI/RFI Shielding Sheet (101 to 104 ohms/square): Absorbs and/or reflects electromagnetic and radio frequency energy.

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