Common Sheet Sizes & Capabilities

ESP graph

ESP™ has a variety of sheet sizing capabilities, ranging from thick-gauged sheets for thermoforming and thin-gauged sheets for die cutting. Typical customer manufacturing techniques include:

  • Thermoforming
  • Machining
  • Flat stock assembly

Sheet from ESP™ is available in lengths up to 8’ long. Sheet thickness and widths are available in three different size categories, ranging from 0.020” to 0.250” thick and widths from 8” to 56”:

Thickness: .020” to .080”
Width: 8” to 10”
Thickness: .020” to .080”
Widths: 10” to 28”
Thickness: .040” to .250”
Widths: 28” to 56”

ESP™ also offers many different material selections and lamination options. Select your engineered plastic sheet from our product library, or work with our compound solution.