Structural & Reinforced

To meet unique application requirements, such as strength, stiffness, toughness, and/or dimensional stability, ESP™ offers sheet products that utilize a variety of structural thermoplastic technologies, including fillers, reinforcements, and modifiers.


ESP™ offers:

  • Filled sheet solutions utilizing talc and other minerals
  • Reinforced sheet solutions utilizing the latest technologies in glass and carbon fibers
  • A team of engineers ready to take your idea from concept to production
  • Ability to mix other performance enhancements

Our parent company, RTP Company, has extensive experience with structurally engineered thermoplastics, providing material solutions ranging from mineral filled commodity resins to industry leading carbon fiber reinforced High Temperature polymers such as PEEK. Through our relationship with RTP Company, ESP™ is able to incorporate many of these structural technologies into our sheet products:

  • Filler technologies including glass beads, a variety of minerals, glass fibers, and carbon fiber
  • Various resin systems with impact modifiers for toughness
  • Unique polymer alloy formulations for demanding application requirements
  • Density modification options, from light-weighting to high gravity compounds

Our expertise in polymer stabilization assures that you’re product will perform as expected in tough environments, from long-term heat exposures or harsh outdoor conditions.