Wear Resistant & Lubricated

Enhance long-term performance and reliability of applications by reducing wear and friction between moving parts!


ESP™ offers:

  • Lubricated and Structural sheet additives for a variety of high performance material handling applications
  • Custom formulations provide multi-property solutions
  • Ability to mix other performance enhancements

Lubricated Sheet Additives

Wear and friction reducing additives can be incorporated to offer protection from surfacing marrying/scratching, reduction in noise, and elimination of slip/stick phenomenon between moving parts. Not only can our lubricated additives eliminate expensive, time-consuming, secondary operations associated with surface lubrication, but they also keep mechanisms and components clean, ultimately enhancing long-term performance and reliability.

Structural Sheet Additives

Custom sheet formulations are available for multi-property solutions, including structural properties such as strength, stiffness, toughness, and dimensional stability. Learn more about our structural thermoplastic technologies!