Engineered Sheet Products™ (ESP™), a division of RTP Company, is your one-stop-shop for custom extruded sheet. As a result of our relationship with RTP Company, our services and capabilities range beyond what you’d expect from a typical sheet extrusion manufacturer because there is no need to compromise with an off-the-shelf material and/or sheet size.

Come to us with your material requirements and we’ll work with RTP Company’s Engineering Department to select an extrusion grade compound optimized to make your program a success. We work in many different engineered resin systems and offer a wide range of thermoplastic technologies, including:

Once a compound has been selected, we’ll further review your sheet sizing requirements. Our capabilities range from thick-gauged sheets for thermoforming and thin-gauged sheets for die-cutting, which makes us well equipped to help you optimize for high yield!

ESP textures include: Smooth, Heavy Grain, Matte and Diamond

Available textures include: Smooth, Matte, Heavy Grain, and Haircell

Matte Texture -ESP
Heavy Grain Texture -ESP
Thickness Width
(Std. Tolerance)
(Std. Tolerance)
Textures Core Sizes Masking MOQ
Production Medium Line #1 0.020″ to 0.080″ 10” to 32”
Any shippable length, including rolls
(Lengths 10″ to 47″: +0.250″/-0″)
(Lengths 48+”: +0.500″/-0″)
Smooth, Matte 3″ or 6″ One side 1320 lbs.
(Use the Sheet Weight Calculator at the bottom of the page to calculate lbs./sheet)
Medium Line #2 0.030″ to 0.250″ 28″ to 46″
Smooth, Matte
Large Line #1 0.030″ to 0.250″ 28″ to 58″
(Widths 28″ to 47″: +0.250″/-0″)
(Widths 48″ to 58″: +0.500″/-0″)
Smooth, Matte, Heavy Grain 3″ or 6″ One side
Large Line #2 0.030″ to 0.225″ 24″ to 70″
(Widths 24″ to 47″: +0.250″/-0″)
(Widths 48″ to 70″: +0.500″/-0″)
Smooth, Haircell, Heavy Grain 3″ or 6″ Both sides
Sampling Lab Line 0.020″ to 0.080″ 8” to 10” Any shippable length, including rolls Smooth, Matte 3″ 100 lbs.
Injection Molded Plaques 0.040″ to 0.250″ 6” Variables (ranges from 5″ to 12″ depending on thickness Smooth, Matte ~5 – 20 lbs.
Sheet Weight Calculation (all dimensions in inches)

Note: for rolls, substitute the length for 36 inches (one linear yard) to determine the pounds per linear yard

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